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About us

Our company is founded in 1988 and located in the village of Amerongen. Like most coin dealers
it started with the hobby of collecting coins. In my case already with the age of 8 years.
Fascination for history was also a main reason for starting this hobby and business. Our speciality
are older coins with a certain historical background, like coins of the Greeks, Romans, Byzantines,
Medieval World and the Republic of the Seven United Provinces of the Netherlands. Besides we
have a respectable collection of the Dutch kingdom, Dutch overseas and older foreign coins,
medals en archeological objects. 

We offer our coins in different ways ; through our website, our regular pricelists, our office and
occasionally by visiting coin fairs. A good balance between quality and price is important for us,
and you can rely on our good service. The coins on our website are only a part of our stock,
so we advice you to order also our free pricelists. Just fill out the order form on this website and
tell us what you collect exactly. We will keep you informed then about the coins of your interest. 

We hope that sooner or later we will be able to be of help in building your collection and that we
will contribute to the pleasure of this beautiful hobby !     

Kindest  regards  , 

Gijs Henzen


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